Yet 2 toptransfers: 1e Algarve Great Derby + 1e NPO Troyes

Yet 2 toptransfers: 1e Algarve Great Derby + 1e NPO Troyes

We have always been looking for super pigeons for our pigeon career.
Our rigorous selection and targeted purchases were there toppers as Amador, Vardy, Fortuna, Olympic Cape from continuing.
Scouting fresh and good blood has therefore always been. And because we seek an exclusive breeding loft with the very best that we already had, supplemented with some real top pigeons, We go through it again.

Our focus now is on the loft races and we also get the first good performance.
From one of these one loft races (de Algarve Great Derby 2019) we bought winner.
This was a Dutch pigeon and a brother flew this year 3x 1st on flights.
This appealed to us and we heard it was a beautiful dove. He now sits in the loft in Oudega.
The winner is a beautiful blue cock and now goes by the name “July”. He is our new pillar for the one loft races and we have a lot of confidence in the fact that his seed will do well at the races.


Given the finals of one loft races are often tough flights from around the 500 km, our eye was still on another pigeon. This while the sales of the brothers Leideman on Pipa. They won this year 2019 de 1e NPO Troyes (511 km) with a nice scratch hen 'Starling'. They flew almost 10 minute lead on their second pigeon was the fastest of all department 10 with total 6301 pigeons. She is after an exciting bidding war with several other Dutch top lofts moved to our loft.


in short, 2 great gains which we are very happy, and at this time in completely fit.

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